Starting out?

Don’t know where to start on your dream home journey?

     …from little things, big things grow…

You’re excited (but also a little apprehensive) about the prospect of renovating or building… it’s such a BIG thing!  The planning, designing and building of your home can be a long, complicated process. Talina Edwards Architecture is here to help guide you along the way. Let’s break it down into smaller steps and start at the beginning.

Before we can get stuck into the exciting Design Stage where you can start to see your dream-home come to life on paper, there are a few initial steps to begin with, in the Pre-design stage.

Regardless of whether you decide to engage an architect to help with your full project, or end up deciding it is more suitable in your circumstances for you to go elsewhere, you do need to take the following steps. Failing to do so could lead to misunderstandings of all parties concerned, and result in costly mistakes by going down the wrong track…”failing to plan is planning to fail”.


Pre-Design Stage: Step 1.    The seed is sown…

Site Review / Preliminary Consultation:

What do I get? This is a chance for you to meet with a design expert at your home/proposed site for an initial chat about what you’re hoping to achieve. The architect can look at initial site features, existing conditions, and to discuss briefly if your grand plans are compatible with the site. There is no-obligation to commit to further architectural services.

Talina Edwards Architecture will conduct your Site Review* from just $135.


Pre-Design Stage: Step 2.    Look, it’s beginning to sprout!

Feasibility Study & Report:

What do I get?  The second step in the Pre-Design stage is a “Feasibility Study and Report” which goes into much more detail about your wish-list (to form a “project brief” after a thorough discussion with your architect). It is also a comprehensive site analysis that explores the specific opportunities and constraints for your project, and provides some options for your next steps. This report is an invaluable document for you to understand your scope/quality/budget and timeframe, and the limitations (and possibilities!) for your site. It will also determine whether architectural services are applicable for you…or not. (We will let you know if we think it would be in your best interests to go to directly to a builder, or a draftsperson, or perhaps an interior-designer instead.)

Talina Edwards Architecture will conduct your Feasibility Study & Report** from just $700.


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*Conditions Apply: Site to be within greater Ballarat region (or beyond at pre-arranged travel rate), Consultation limited to 1 hour (additional time at hourly rate of $120).

** Conditions Apply: Site to be within greater Ballarat region (or beyond at pre-arranged travel rate), Pricing dependent on scope of project, Excludes Cost Analysis (a Quantity Surveyor can be engaged if required), Excludes Land Surveys or Site-Measures of existing conditions (a Land Surveyor can be engaged if required, or if applicable we can undertake a site-measure at an hourly rate of $120).