Have you got questions?

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked here:

Do I need an Architect?

Q. Do I need an Architect?

A. Maybe, or maybe not. Get our free guide here to find out more.


Q. I’m just starting out…how can an Architect  help me?

A. Look at our page called “Starting Out?” to find out more.


Q. What architectural services do you provide?

A. Find out about our full range of services here.


Q. How much will it cost?

A. That all depends on your unique circumstances. But an initial consultation is from as little as $135. Have a look at our Starting Out  and Services pages to get more of an idea on our fees. Or contact us to discuss your project.


Q. What is your philosophy?

A. Read about out ‘Elemental’ philosophy, our sustainable design philosophy, and our services philosophy here.


Q. Have you got any images of your work?

A. We are regularly updating our gallery of images, have a look here.


Q. What is your blog about?

A. Find out by reading this post.


Q. How can I contact you?

A. Get in touch here.


Q. What are your previous clients saying about your services?

A. Read their lovely testimonials (We really do have the best clients!).


Q. I love your logo! Who was your Graphic Designer?

A. The very talented Andrea Hurley. See her website here. I highly recommend her work!


Still got more questions? Contact us and ask away!

Talina x



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